The future of elephants is in our hands

3rd March is World Wildlife Day and we are celebrating by raising awareness of the fragility of our planet. Being a long time supporter of conservation we would like to encourage everyone to take steps in protecting our environment.
The theme of this years World Wildlife Day is “the future of elephants is in our hands.”
Africa’s population is one of the fastest growing and one of the biggest threats to elephants is the loss of habitat due to development. With so much focus on protecting the rhino many people are unaware that elephants are one of the most critically poached and trafficked species in the world with not only their tusks being in demand but their skin and meat also being traded. Our collective efforts could mean the difference between the survival of the species or their extinction.
What you can do:
1.    Take to social media and let your voice be heard
2.    Donate to Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Elephant programme
3.    Don’t support the ivory trade

To help you celebrate these magnificent animals we are offering a 10% discount on all elephant products for the month of March on our website or at the V&A Watershed shop F058, Waterfront

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