Drawing on her inspiration from the wire and paper kudu heads being sold on the streets of Cape Town, Joanna Orr, the eco-friendly designer behind Head On Design has added her own twist and flavour on the traditional trophy heads by using a technique of slotting pieces together to create a 3-dimensional form.

2010 was the start of a passion to create something which is not only beautiful but which expresses a current growing awareness of the fragility of our planet, its resources and the need to appreciate our wildlife.

From bamboo and printed kudu heads, to freestanding animals in Birch ply, each sculpture is carefully designed, hand crafted and then machine cut to get a realistic 3-dimensional form. Head On Design’s products offer style conscious customers modern sculptures for contemporary spaces.

Joanna describes her style as “Afro-chic with an ironic twist – I rarely create anything without some kind of social or environmental commentary – if it were just about aesthetics, what I do would be meaningless to me.”

Please feel free to browse our SHOP and have a look at a wide range of décor sculptures, for your wall or as freestanding pieces. All sculptures are delivered flat-packed, with super easy instructions on how to assemble.